Notleys has been delivering real commercial baking solutions to Australia’s Bakery Industry for over 36 years.

Meet The Friendly Team at Notleys.

Bakers are a breed of their own. (Maybe it’s from all those early morning starts!) Bakers know when they’re dealing with another baker and that’s why customers love dealing with Notleys. Our team is a close-knit group of experienced professionals. And we like to have a laugh as well! 

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Why Choose Notleys?

Over 30 years in the trade

You can trust what you hear from Notleys because we are bakers. Principal, Jon Whitwell, started as an apprentice baker in the 80s and has seen it all. He speaks your language and he understands your business.

Great range of spares

Notleys carries an extensive range of genuine spare parts and can arrange air courier delivery for special requirements.

We know our stuff

Notleys sources quality equipment from the United States and Europe. We work with you to ensure your business meets standards of best practice and assisting with your HACCP accreditation.

Wide range of consumables

We stock a variety of consumables, like pans & blades, bread straps, roll trays & slicer blades, to keep things moving along.

Excellent Service Department

Notleys understands the impact of equipment failure or downtime. We offer both preventive and corrective maintenance services to help you keep your business on track, making bread and making money!

Ongoing Customer Care

You won’t get just bits and pieces from Notleys. You’ll get what you need to develop an end-to-end automated process for your business that translates into great results.

Passion And Purpose

Lara Keating & Sebastien Pisasale have been trusting Notleys Bakery Equipment for over 10 years as they build their bakery and patisserie businesses.They are passionate about tradition and committed to quality.

A Bigger Slice of the Action

A family-run pizza base manufacturing company serving the NSW Central Coast has entered a new phase of its business with new premises and a complete equipment solution crafted by Notley’s.

The Exciting New World of Bread

Bread is in the spotlight. Consumption is increasing but is changing rapidly, thanks to the fast-growing world population, demographic shifts from rural to urban living and dynamic consumer habits.