“Notleys worked closely with us to achieve what we wanted: An end-to-end equipment solution unlike any others in the country, to produce the best products for our clients.”

Latest Wholesale Solutions


Bongard Omega Electric Deck Oven

Bongard Omega Electric is a fixed deck oven designed to bake all types of breads, pastries and Viennese buns.Options include Integrated Lifter with Loader/Unloader. available in many confogurations and sizes, from 5m2 up to 25m2 baking surface. ALL stone.

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Removable Bowl Spiral

Bongard Removable Bowl Spiral Dough Mixer

Removable bowl Spiral mixer in various sizes, from 130kg dough up to 300kg dough. Multiple bowls can be supplied for long bowl fermentation, so 1 mixer can do the job of 2 or more.. can be used wiht Tilti bowl hoist or BDC from Bongard, to tip into hopper or onto a bench.

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Bongard Divimach Dough Divider

The Divimach is the artisans preferred choice. offering variabke pressure and a multitude of options, this divider  is a dough press, 10, and 20pc divider and also has a grid option with 40+ grids available.

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Bongard 8.43E Electric Rack Oven

8.43 E is an electric rotating rack oven designed for pastry shops and bakers. Multipurpose, it can cook the most delicate products. Very compact, it even finds a place in the most cramped bakeries.

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We Know Our Stuff

Notleys sources quality equipment from the United States and Europe. We work with you to ensure your business meets standards of best practice and assisting with your HACCP accreditation.

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Parts & Consumables

Notleys carries an extensive range of genuine spare parts and can arrange air courier delivery for special requirements. We stock a variety of consumables, like pans & blades, bread straps, roll trays & slicer blades, to keep things moving along.

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Excellent Service Department

Notleys understands the impact of equipment failure or downtime. We offer both preventive and corrective maintenance services to help you keep your business on track, making bread and making money!

A family-run pizza base manufacturing company serving the NSW Central Coast worked with Notleys to take a bigger slice of the market.

“By working with Notleys we were guaranteed top-of-the-line equipment that matched our business needs precisely. After only a few months we have seen outstanding results.

We are a family business and our staff is part of the family. We were keen to work smarter but not to reduce our headcount. Our people have now largely been freed up from production tasks to other parts of the business or customer-relationship roles with the small and medium-sized businesses we service.

What used to take 10 people, 10 hours a day, six days per week now involves three people, 8 hours a day for five days (no more Saturdays). In fact our output has significantly increased.

The Australian pizza market is strong but consumers are looking for more variety and healthy options. The businesses that sell to consumers need fast, economical pizza products of the highest quality.

With our sophisticated equipment provided by Notleys we can tailor make product to appeal to suppliers and consumers alike. As more companies enter this space, any competitive edge makes a huge difference. It’s great to have Notleys on our side.”