“As the bread industry changes from a product- to a market-orientation, it needs a new way of looking at production. Survival is no longer just about competing on price.”

Latest Industrial Solutions


WP Tewimat Divider Rounder

For the very serious industrial baker. up to 24,000pc per hour. divider and rounded. From 20g up to 660g dough balls.  The TEWIMAT provides the perfect conditions for an efficient

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Notleys sources quality equipment from the United States and Europe. We work with you to ensure your business meets standards of best practice and assisting with your HACCP accreditation.

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Parts and Consumables

Notleys carries an extensive range of genuine spare parts and can arrange air courier delivery for special requirements. We stock a variety of consumables, like pans & blades, bread straps, roll trays & slicer blades, to keep things moving along.

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Excellent Service Department

Notleys understands the impact of equipment failure or downtime. We offer both preventive and corrective maintenance services to help you keep your business on track, making bread and making money!

Leading manufacturer, WP Haton, produces Breadtalk, an informative newsletter on the world of bread and the massive changes facing bakers at every level of the industry.

“WP Haton’s dough make up systems enable you to capture market share with a mouthwatering range of recipes, weights, shapes, baking carriers, decorations, crumb structures and capacity.” 

The challenge is great: Achieve mass production of good quality, uniform and affordable breads, including organic and alternative breads, with more taste, less salt, fewer bread improvers, more protein and gluten-free. In addition consumers are more conscious than ever of preservatives, pesticides and sourcing ethically-produced locally-grown grain.

Facing this challenge means analysis of the complete chain and production system to identify areas of competitive edge.

Machinery must provide strict hygiene, longer runs, higher output, faster changeover, more flexibility and a universal use of different flours and processes.

Bakeries worldwide must adapt, significantly differentiating themselves to meet changing consumer markets.

The right machinery is a huge part of success for product/production bakers, and the right set-up, capacity planning and ongoing maintenance are essential.