A Family-owned business, established in 1983 and run by bakers.

Notleys specialises in bakery businesses and not just machines.

We have firsthand experience at every level of the industry so we can offer you leading bakery equipment technology, end-to-end integrated solutions and the expertise to design your solution from the ground up.

We stock spare parts and equipment for single products or complete equipment lines which conform to HACCP requirements.

Our preventive and corrective maintenance services lead the way so that your business can do the same.


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Over 30 years in the trade

You can trust what you hear from Notleys because we are bakers. Principal, Jon Whitwell, started as an apprentice baker in the 80s and has seen it all. He speaks your language and he understands your business.

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We know our stuff

Notleys sources quality equipment from the United States and Europe. We work with you to ensure your business meets standards of best practice and assisting with your HACCP accreditation.

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Ongoing customer Care

You won’t get just product or bakery bits and pieces from Notleys. You’ll get what you need to develop an end-to-end automated process that translates into great results.

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Contact Our Notleys Team for expert advice

“I needed the advice on business growth only a fellow baker could give me…”

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